Beautiful DIY Embroidered Letter Hoop

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing with you a craft project that’s super cute and easy (although a bit time consuming). It’s an embroidered letter hoop which is perfect for any wall and room. The floral pattern gives off a fresh feel.


Please watch the tutorial here:

Materials You’ll Need:
– embroidery hoop
– fabric
– embroidery floss
– scissors
– embroidery/sewing needle
– pencil
– felt and glue gun for the back (optional)


Start with an embroidery hoop and piece of fabric.

Take your fabric and cut a circle out that’s about an inch or two bigger than your hoop.

Place your fabric over the inner hoop, and then place the outer hoop on top while making sure the fabric is taut.

Then sketch the letter of your choice onto the fabric. I’m doing this free hand but feel free to trace it if you would like.

Now draw circles on your letter as a guide to show where you want roses embroidered.  Pick your colour scheme and get your embroidery floss.

To embroider the rose, start by sewing a star shape with 5 lines.

Then thread your noodle through close to the center between two of these lines. Bring your needle over one line and tuck it under the thread line next to it.
Then go over and under. Repeat this until you are satisfied with the size of your rose.

To make a leaf, sew a line. Then as you come back up, place your needle near the top just to the right of it. Bring it diagonally across to the bottom left. Repeat with the left side.

Taper the leaf as you approach the rose.

Fill your letter with lots of roses and leaves. Fill gaps by making buds.  Thread your needle through, tie a knot close to your fabric then sew it in place.

To complete this project, make a running stitch along the fabric on the back so that it hides itself.

Cover the back with a piece of fabric – here I’m using felt.

And we’re done! I’ve tied a piece of ribbon on top so it can be hung on the wall.

I’m quite happy with the way it turned out! I think it makes for beautiful room décor. Hope you’ve enjoyed this project – please follow me here and subscribe to my YouTube channel 🙂 Tag me on Instagram to show me your work!

Happy Crafting~

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